About MuMu

I love to sew!! Plain and simple! I went to college and graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel design. I had big dreams of becoming a buyer or a designer. After discovering this was not the glamourous job that I had in my head I switched gears. I took a job as a sales rep for a gift company. I was a successful sales rep for 8 years. Although I loved my job I decided to leave it and focus my efforts on my first love- Apparel and Fabrics!

My niece named me "MuMu" when she was first talking- she was trying to say Amy and somehow got MuMu?? Some might think of "MuMu" as an insult but I love it and and it has stuck! My nephew joined in and calls me MuMu as well. So what better name than "Designs by MuMu." I am having a great time picking out designs, fabrics, fonts and putting them together to create a design just for you.